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Welcome to Fusion Yoga Studios and Well-Being Centre!

Fusion Yoga Studios And Well-Being Centre – A place where you will find safety, support and a warm friendly, family environment. A place where people can come to heal, to grow and to improve strength and flexibility in mind and body. A place that is inclusive to EVERYONE! A sacred space you can call your second Home.

We offer a wide range of Yoga classes to suit everyone. Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Gentle Flow, Yin, Dru, Aerial, Children’s, Baby. We are always looking to expand our offerings and love welcoming new people to our Fusion family.

We have a bespoke Meditation Room that you can participate in group meditation classes or come along and enjoy a safe peaceful place to meditate (perhaps even in your dinner hour).

Our centre is also home to numerous wonderful holistic therapists – Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, to name a few. 

We have also recently opened our brand new Infusion Teahouse! We are super lucky to have such an amazing space. Our tranquil teahouse is the perfect place to take some time out and enjoy some lovely food & drink, whether it’s in our peaceful tearoom or our beautiful courtyard. 

About Yoga

Vinyasa & Power

Strength, Flexibility & Healing

Generally, in power yoga, there are fewer poses, which are held longer. Whilst in vinyasa flow classes, there are more poses, which are moved through more quickly.

Power yoga tends toward strength building because the poses are held longer. Vinyasa flow tends toward flexibility, because the focus is on linking the poses together in a continuous movement.

Power yoga is more body focused whilst vinyasa flow is more breath focused.

Yin & Gentle Yoga

Just Be! Rather than "do"

Believe it or not: “being” rather than “doing” in and of itself, is an accomplishment! Even if you enjoy a faster paced style of yoga perhaps think about challenging yourself on more of a mental/mediative level. 

Principles of a Yin Practice

We come into a posture (generally seated) and we adjust until we feel sensation in the target area. We find Stillness in our shape, in mind and in breath. We hold for a length of time.

Yoga Philosophy

Mind, body & spirit

The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated.

Yoga Philosophy is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. We attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind.

Pranayama & Meditation

Breath Control & Concentration

Pranayama – Prana means life force or breath sustaining the body; Ayama translates as “to extend or draw out.” Together the two mean breath extension or control.

Meditation – learning to concentrate or focus on something such as a sound, image or feeling and free ourselves from distractions.



The atmosphere in Lisa’s classes is lovely. Lisa will never push you if you feel you cannot achieve a certain pose but will give gentle reassurance and praise when you do. I always leave the class feeling calm but also energised and would recommend anyone to try one of Lisa’s yoga sessions.


I have been attending yoga classes with Lisa for nearly three years now. Her classes are excellent with a range of options for all levels. She is a lovely teacher and always has a theme for her classes. She is very welcoming. Her classes also push you to the next level which is great for fitness. I would highly recommend her.


Lisa was born to be a yoga teacher. She makes you feel very welcome, everything flows and when she says relax you learn to do just that. I started 3 years ago. I have improved, but age and dodgy knees mean that I take advantage of the modifications that Lisa makes for those of us that need it; she always tells us to do it at our own level.